Getting Divorced in Isaan

Getting Divorced in IsaanGetting divorced is a traumatic event for anyone but getting  divorced in Isaan where the law is not always understood and where English is not really spoken can make it a total nightmare. Getting help is always good and this is where can assist you while in Isaan. Most marriages in Thailand end with an administrative divorce as there are no disputes.

Divorce rates in Thailand and in Isaan have increased over the past 4 years. A Thai judge in Udon  noted in 2008 that he had processed more than 5 foreign divorces in the space of a year. Most foreign divorces are not administrative divorces as there are many issues the first being property and the second being children born from the marriage.

If you do not have a prenuptial agreement you might very well lose your nest egg and this is always of concern. Usually in an administrative divorce the parties agree on dividing the property, custody of the children and alimony. These tend to be simple until one party wants it all. The administrative divorce is easy and cheap as you simply have to take your agreement down to the Amphurs Office where you registered your marriage and file for a divorce. Getting an administrative divorce can all be completed in a few hours. The reasons for the divorce tends to be that one of the parties has run off or they have not lived together as man and wife for more than a year or like many it is because the husband has a mia noi or is have an extra-marital affair or the wife has decided to run off with someone else. These are the most common reasons for divorce in mix marriages in Thailand.

A divorce that goes to court can be costly. The process is slow and takes 6 months to a year to complete. This is where the courts may ask for a 2% deposit of the value of the common property. Part of this money would be refunded if the parties agree during the trial that they have come to a settlement. Not with standing the fact this matter will be in Thai for the most part and you need to have a lawyer in Isaan present in order to obtain any form of justice.

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