Child Support in Thailand

Child Support in Thailand. Thai law emphasizes both parents’ responsibility to financially support their children until they reach adulthood (20 years old). This article explores child support in Thailand, addressing how it’s determined and considerations for separated or divorced couples.

Shared Responsibility

Under Thai family law, child support is not solely a father’s obligation. Both biological and adoptive parents are legally bound to contribute to their children’s well-being. When parents live together, this responsibility is usually fulfilled by providing for the household.

Navigating Separation and Divorce

When parents separate or divorce, child support arrangements become more nuanced. There are two primary ways to determine child support:

  • Agreement: Parents can reach a written agreement outlining the amount and method of child support payments. This agreement should be registered with the district office for enforcement purposes.

  • Court Order: If parents cannot agree, the Thai Family Court will determine child support based on factors like:

    • The child’s needs (food, shelter, education, healthcare)
    • The income and financial situation of each parent
    • The child’s standard of living before the separation

Considerations for Specific Situations

  • Children Born Out of Wedlock: The biological father of a child born outside marriage is not automatically obligated to pay child support. However, he can acknowledge paternity through a legal process, which then establishes his financial responsibility.

  • International Considerations: If one parent resides abroad, enforcing child support can be complex. Thailand may cooperate with other countries’ courts to ensure payments.

Seeking Professional Help

Navigating child support arrangements, particularly in separation or divorce situations, often benefits from legal guidance. A lawyer experienced in Thai family law can advise on the most suitable approach and ensure your child’s needs are met.


Thailand’s child support system emphasizes shared parental responsibility. By understanding the legal framework and seeking guidance when needed, parents can ensure their children receive the financial support they deserve.

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